10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible - BOOK

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You are holding a small book that will give you the big picture of the Bible story.  The Bible is the world’s best selling book, but it is long and sometimes difficult to understand.  This book will give you a place to start.  It’s rather like a high altitude flight over a range of mountains.  You’ll see what the ground looks like, and get a good glimpse of the highest peaks.

The whole Bible is one story.  It begins in a garden, ends in a city and all the way through it points us to Jesus Christ.

The “Keys” will open up the story of the Garden where God introduces Himself, and tells us who we are.  We’ll learn about the disaster in the garden and its effects on our lives today.  Then we will follow the Old Testament story, discovering how right through human history.

God has been reaching out to men and women, making a way for us to know Him, and inviting us to come.

The “Keys” will also open up the story of Jesus, exploring his birth, death and resurrection.  We will discover who the Holy Spirit is, and see what God intends the church to be. Then we will take an honest look at the Christian life; the struggle that every Christian experiences, and the power that God makes available to us. Finally, we’ll take a glimpse at the highest peak of all, - the new creation that God has promised when Jesus Christ returns in glory.

The “Ten Keys” are condensed from “Unlocking the Bible Story,” a series of four books that cover the story in greater detail.  If you enjoy the high altitude fly-over, and want to get closer to the ground, “Unlocking the Bible Story” will give you a map and a compass. There’s so much more to discover.

But for those who are new to the Bible, or want a quick overview of the Christian faith, this is the place to begin.

Join me on the journey.  You’re in for some breathtaking views.