Give Us Words

Type: Music
Price: $6.00


A new worship CD for the local church by The Orchard Songwriters (Dan Wells, Tim Patterson, Jason Weakland, and Kristen Evensen). Written as a response to the preaching ministry of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Give Us Words highlights the rich truths of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The title conveys The Orchard’s conviction that the gospel comes from God, and that it is meant to be expressed with words and shared with words. Give Us Words intimates a yearning to find creative ways to proclaim and celebrate this priceless treasure. The Orchard Songwriters’ collaboration in this effort was shepherded by Producer Brian T. Murphy, who crafted the recordings of these diverse songs in such a way that a cohesive worship album emerged. As a result, there is quite a bit of variety within this unified work – there is something for everyone. To hear samples of the songs, go to

List of song titles:

1. No Other Argument

2. Because He Is

3. Give Me Words

4. God Be Glorified In Me

5. Creator, Sustainer

6. Blessings

7. Sovereign Forever Love

8. The Spirit and the Bride

9. The Love We First Knew

10. Where the Stone Was Rolled Away

11. Just a Little