Let That Idol Go

Type: Sermon Series
Price: $56.00


Most of us recoil at the mention of idolatry and we certainly do not think of ourselves as idolaters.  To suggest that a follower of Christ might become engaged in idol worship strikes us as ridiculous and offensive.

Maybe not that ridiculous....

  • Are you so consumed with your career that your company's bottom line is always on your mind?
  • Is your smartphone more important to you than your Bible?  How about Facebook?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice for the success of your family?
  • Is the growth of your ministry beginning to eclipse your relationship with the Lord?

This new DVD series, Let That Idol Go!, will reveal the hidden idols that may be lurking in your life.  Pastor Colin Smith offers a penetrating look into the life of the prophet Jonah, helping you to understand what idolatry is so that you can confront the idols in your life.

Series sessions are:

  • Wake Up Call
  • Do It Yourself
  • When You Hit Bottom
  • The Power of the Open Book
  • Through Gritted Teeth
  • Road Rage
  • and
  • Don't Miss Grace

Each session contains teaching segments from Pastor Colin, as well as a relevant discussion period with co-hosts Kristina Bradish and John Aiello.  Included also are lesson-by-lesson discussion questions geared for individual or small group study.

Watch the trailer and first episode below!

Episode 1: Wake Up Call